My skincare guide


I never understood why I should put something on my skin that I couldn’t put in my mouth. All my skin product are also my supplements.

 Already when I was really young I had a sensitive skin. And already then I could tell that how I was feeling in my body, emotions and health was showing on my skin.

So I started to buy beauty products for “sensitive skin types”.

But expensive as they was and I didn’t really felt a difference in my skin I started to just use Olive oil. The same as I bought for having in my food. I started to feel the differ and for the first time I felt smooth and beautiful in my skin AND calm in my belly.

As I was studding Ayurveda many years later on I discovered the power of Sesame Oil.

Now it is the base in all my skin products. And I drink a bit sesame oil every morning.

So now my skincare is also my support in my mental and body health. Anxiety & stress reliving, calming the nervous system, relives headache, muscle pain, anti-inflammatory…

These are my goodies and facts that I want to share with you.. (for you who really want to dig in more about the benefits of all these oil, I recommend to click the following links)


The sesame seed, sesame indium, is a tiny gem that packs a mighty punch. Every and each sesame seed is protected by an outer shell that naturally opens when the seed ripens. And then it is ready to be pressed into oil. Sesame contains a good bit of fiber, supporting a healthy colon. It is used for a lot in the Ayurveda.

Sesame oil has so many good benefits for the body, like supporting the nervous system, bones, muscles, skin & hair.

Read more about it here—>>Sesame oil

” Your skin shows how you’re colon is doing.  Inside will show outside.”



My base ◊ Sesame oil mixed with a few drops of Frankincense.

My use ◊ Every day in my face, on my body & 1 drop under my tongue every morning.

This is pour gold!

1 drop of frankincense for 1 dl sesame oil.

Benefits ◊ This is a text from Amelia Gartner from Australian plant-based skincare company Cedar and Stone saying;

“Frankincense is an ancient oil teeming with beauty benefits which has been extensively used for a number of health purposes in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine since 500 BC, from fading scars to fighting premature ageing. Known as the king of essential oils, in ancient times frankincense was considered to be one of the most valuable commodities. For this reason, pure frankincense was often referred to as ‘liquid gold’ and was a highly prized commodity for trade and commerce.”

Aside from the ‘trade’ benefits of the oil—which are probably less relevant now considering you can get the oil from your local health food store for around the same price as a takeaway salad—Gartner says the beauty benefits range from helping oily skin to controlling acne and for anti-ageing.

“Frankincense is great for oily skin and acne [because it’s] a natural astringent, it helps regulate sebum and stops your face looking like a hot mess by removing excess oil,” Gartner says. “Frankincense will soothe and reduce inflammation and can also help prevent acne forming thanks to the boswellic acids it contains which are capable of killing bacteria associated with acne.”

As for its anti-ageing work, Gartner claims it’s “famous for its wrinkle-reducing superpowers…thanks to frankincense’s cytophylactic properties, it stimulates cell regeneration and also protects older cells from free radical damage.”

To read more about this amazing oil visit here—->>Frankincense oil



For a stressed and suntanned skin ◊ Sesame Oil mixed with Lavender.

My use On my face, body and 1 drop in boiled water before sleep.

Benefits ◊ Soothes occasional skin irritations, reduces the appearance of skin imperfections, provides relaxing qualities that can help promote a peaceful sleep and mind.

More reading about the power of Lavender oil here–>>Lavender oil



For acne, scars or any other skin irritations ◊ Sesame oil mixed with Copaiba.

My use ◊ On my face if acne appears, and 1 drop in hot build water in the morning.

Benefits ◊ Anti-septic & Anti- inflammatory

For more reading visit here–>>Copaiba oil



For a super boost ◊ Sesame oil mixed with lemon oil.

My use ◊ 3 times a week for boosting my facial skin and body. But also 1 drop in my boiled water every morning.

Benefits ◊ Lemon oil is a magic boost both for the skin and for your inner health, there are so many benefits with this oil.

Read more about it here—>>Lemon oil


So these are just some of my golden daily luxury routines. I hope I inspire you to start your inner and outer beauty journey.

I buy all of my oils from Doterra. And these are just some of the wonder oils that they got. I think these are a great kick start.

If you are in Sweden then you have the opportunity to visit my lovely Friend Elin, who is working with these oil and she will give you a free oil class so you can compose your own health and beauty kit.

To come in contact with her and read more about Doterra visit—>>An essantial way

Go straight to Doterra click here—>>DOTERRA


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