Bring everything together. Make your self in total balance and harmony.

That is what I future in my health advising.

Ayurveda is an old philosophy that has its root from India. It was explored for about 5000 years ago.

“Ayur”, meaning life and “Veda” mening knowledge.

-Knowledge about life.

Air, ether, water, fire, earth are the five elements that we talk about and work from in Ayurveda.

This elements always effects you some how in different ways. Inside you , mentally and your body physically as well in your surroundings.

The goal is to keep this five elements in balance with each other. But as they constantly effects us it is hard to keep them hand in hand.

What I do in a treatment?

First I read you pulse in different ways. Your pulse is the language of the body and its history inside.

Then I tell you about what I feel and can read out of that. We talk about this together and you are more then welcome to add what you feel and if you have somethings in special that you want to bring up, change or work with.

After this we write a day to night schedule that is done totally individual for you. The schedule contains advises on food, breathing, yoga and other exercises. We try to wrap up new routines that will bring your unbalances into balance again.

We stay in contact and follow the changes that happens inside of you. And as you request we meet again to do an update of everything.

You are welcome to read more about Ayurveda here, were I did my exam.

” Water, air, ether, earth and fire are the love from mother nature that my body desire.

I want my power of life to be in balance. But as life contains it is a challange.

So what does it really mean to put body mind and souls as a team.

Let go of you mind for a minute and let us create art of life without a limit”