“Bring  your self in deeper balance and harmony.”

This is what I am aiming in my health advising and treatments.

Ayurveda is an old philosophy that has its root from India. It was explored for about 5000 years ago.

“Ayur”, meaning life and “Veda” mening knowledge.

∼Knowledge about life

  Ether (Akasa), Air (Vayu) , Water (Jala) , Fire (Agni) , Earth ( Prithwi) are the five elements Ayurveda is based on.

We are born with all these elements within us. But as life contains some elements effects us more depending of what surrounds you and what you are exposed to in climate, food, emotions etc. With time this also starts to defines us for whom we are in physical body and mind. Which means in most cases that one elements becomes predominant and causes imbalance.

The goal is to keep this five elements in perfect balance and harmony with each other. As they all are needed for different essential functions in the body and for keeping a flowing and peaceful mind and life.

These five elements are divide into three diffrent Doshas or “groups”. Vata (Air & Ether), Pitta (Fire & Water) and Kapha (Water & Earth). These Doshas are have different responsibilities and functions in the body.

Mostly we are ruled buy two Doshas, One predominant which is our leading element but also one underlaying Dosha.

Meaning Vata/Pitta or Kapha/Vata, Pitta/Kapha etc..

If we are exposed for to much Pitta, meaning a lot of Fire. For example, to much stress, to much thinking, working, progressing. Food wise; too much hot spices, alcohol, coffee, sugar, stressful eating. This will lead to Fire being the predominant element in the body and mind. Which also means that the fire element will take over the work of the water, earth, ether and air elements tasks. Leading to different imbalances such as headaches, acid refluxes, sleeping problems, aching or heating rashes, palpitations,  diarrhea etc.

Ayurveda is being a great complementary way of acting in health care.

The goal of Ayurveda is to keep the health of a healthy person and to cure the disease in a diseased person.

The main difference between school of medicine and Ayurveda is that school medicine is more aimed to emergency needs and to comprehend pain in the now. Meanwhile Ayurveda is aiming to cure the root cause of a symptom and conditions. This takes more time and patience. 

What I do in a treatment?

First I read your pulse in different ways. Your pulse is the language of your blood, telling me its journey within the body. 

I tell you about what I can read out of your pulse. Which usually explains the reason what you are in need of. And I will share to you what I can provide and you share your own expectations.

I will create a day to night schedule that is totally individual for you. This contains advises on food, pranayama (breath works), yoga and other exercises, meditations, body treatments, natural herbs and food supplement if needed. Together we find something that works for you and your life, new routines that will bring your imbalances back to balance again.

On request I will be there for support and coaching whilst your progress is taking place.

You are welcome to read more about Ayurveda here, were I did my exam.

” Water, air, ether, earth and fire are the love from mother nature that my body desire.

I want my power of life to be in balance. But as life contains it is a challange.

So what does it really mean to put body mind and souls as a team.

Let go of you mind for a minute and let us create art of life without a limit”


First visit Health consultation: Includes the above description, pulse reading and individual set schedule and routines.

90 minutes- First visit 1200kr

Body treatment

All treatments includes personalized base oil and essential oil

The root of the body treatment are Abhyanga ( Ayurvedic massage),

But I also like to work from a deeper holistic perspective, mind, body and soul.

So I have many tools I like to use to make you as relaxed as possible and work with what ever your body needs in the moment.

Some of my tools I might introduce for you, Tibetan sound bowl, essential energy charged oils, crystals, gemstones, incenses, silicone cupping.

If you have any questions about the treatments before booking don’t hesitate to contacts me—>>Here

60 minutes full body, energy balancing massage.

First visit: 800 kr

10-clip card 6500 kr (650 kr/ treatment)

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Do to Covid-19 it is important that you cancel your booked appointment if you have any cold symptoms.