Root to Rose 🌹 a philosophy

” Those who want the Rose🌹  must accept the thorn”

The thorn as a symbol of the experiences we have, the struggle and the suffering. Also the filter and walls we put up to protect our self.

The thorn is also a part of the beauty. A part of the existence of the rose.

My last name in Swedish is Rosenstam- “Rosen” meaning as the flower rose and “stam” meaning- stem, the base of the tree, flower, tribe, the root.

Therefor “Root To Rose”

In the same way as we act and live in the law of gravity, our feets are our roots and our head is our Rose.

The rose grow from the soil. The seed is set, the roots starts to grow, the stem is formed and in the end the rose is blossoming.

This can be compered in many ways. Are you familiar with the Chakras? This is one philosophy as well. From Muladhara- base chakra/ center to Sahasrara- Crown chakra/ center is the flow of life. Alos called the “Kundalini awakening” .

Root down to rise up. Set your ground, stabilize your inner knowing. Strong roots gives you the opportunity to grow even taller, further, higher and gives you the chance to see even wider and bigger. Which opens up your perspective of being.

The Rose is the symbol of life. Both for me as and individual but also the greatest tool in my work.

I love to work close to people. Listen, feel and understand from different views as mind, soul, physical and energetical body. I use my wisdom and believes in the base of Yoga, Ayurveda, Tantra and Buddhism.

With the physical yoga, on the mat practice , included with pranayamas (breath works), mediation,  individual formed diet, mantras, crystals & essential oils, coaching, close and individual  “hands on” work, such as massages & body treatments. I hope to help you and inspire you to feel strong, vital, humbled and true towards yourself.

To travel closer and deeper within. To let go of everything that you are not.

To be the best version of YOU.

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“There is nobody like you.

There is nobody like me.

But we are nothing without each other.

Together we create a endless breath”

Aum Shiva

Aum Shakti


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