Root to Rose a philosophy

“Maybe life is not about becoming anything. Maybe it is about unbecoming everything that you are not…?”

Here on this page I will share my thoughts, emotions, creativity and art of my life.

I will share my journey through reflection in my mind, body and soul.
And everything I say or do is a reminder for you as much for my self.
I will share everything from my own seeds to everything else that inspires me.

All I want is every human to feel peace within them self. To feel safe and loved and to be the best version of your self.  

∇ This is me and my roses ∇

I found my way to express in life trough body practice, breath works and different eastern philosophy. 

And as Yoga became my root in life and a stabile ground to lay back on, I now want to share that to others. Not only the physical practice of yoga but the whole mind and living style behind it.

It is big and complex and in progress all the time. So this page leaves my steps trough all the buzz of words and feelings running trough my head, soul, body and heart.

I am working as a Yoga teacher. A space were I can even bigger and face to face spread my work, my self practice and journey  to others.

To read more about my classes and come join them, check out my schedule.

A puzzle within me was completed when I took the next step and started to study Ayurveda. 

Ayurveda is an old eastern  life philosophy, that has its roots in India. AYUR- meaning knowledge and VEDA- meaning life. The knowledge, wholeness about life.

With very individual treatment of food, breathing and body works the focus is to access total balance within you.

Read more here.

“As I root I can rise. As I rise I can spread my seeds even wider “

Root to rose is my philosophy. Ground yourself into nature and the natural movement that universe provides and serve to you.

Rise to see, to grow and to live from your true sours.

Aum shanti.

-Angelica Rosenstam