How do you eat?

As this page name is “Root to Rose” so is my mind.

My philosophy is all about to go back to basic. To our roots, where we came from.Where mother nature was our natural sours.

As I work with Ayurveda, the nature is my helpings for health. All I work with is natural state of herbs, spices, seeds and other growing from the earth. The food is my medicine.

I am really glad that we have the “school medicine”  for all good science and help that it does. But I do think that the alternative way should be complementary. There are so much that we can do just with changes of our food habits. And to be aware of that we are all different. We react, produce and get effected in so many different ways. And that is what the alternative ways help you to understand. There we treat you as an individual. As you. With you and the way your body works.

So I do really hope more and more people are questioning what they eat and how they work with there bodies.

 Start thinking about the effects of food as well. As they all have certain qualities.

Small things can create big changes.

Eat with awareness♥ Eat with love♥ Eat with great fullness.

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