IMG_4030Thank you Ai!

I was attending to one of Ai´s yoga classes today at Happybuddha. I feelt so at ease when I left that class. Her theme for today was the hips.

The hips for most of us all women is a really tight part. The part were a lot of vulnerability gets attached. A lot of emotion.

Often and then when I have my classes women starts to cry or get really frustrated during the hip openers.

Just breathe, just breath true it. Take the breathing as your friend and your wave to surf trough and out the ocean of pain. Breathe to your hips with love.

Let gravity take over and sink low and deep.

The “svadhisthana” chakra is located in this area. It is a symbol of sexuality, creativity, feelings and satisfaction.

Let is flow, surrender to the godess inside of you. To your creation of life. Be humbled for your emotions.

Skärmavbild 2016-02-03 kl. 21.11.54



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