But still…

The sun is bigger than the earth. But still there are people with cold hearts.
There are so much love in circle of life. But still there are people never felt loved.
There are so many hands to hold. Still there are some never been holden.

The humans were created from the same roots. But still walls of separation is tearing us apart. There are dried out desserts but eyes filled with oceans.

Tell me, where is the green grass growing?
Where is the smoothing balm for the lonely soul?

Were is the warming woodenstick fire for the broken hearts?
Tell me.
Tell me the mountains will always be stable and clear for climbing.

Tell me that the trees always will be rising. That the nature of human hearts is to be humbled.

Tell me…are you climbing your mind to the highest?

Holding the moments?

Are you warming the colds ones?

Tell me, are embracing the love?

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