I didn’t know what I was looking for. I didn’t have a coloring word for it. I didn’t have a clue what the feeling for it might be. The teasing in just knowing there was something, was chewing at me inside.

I was building a concept. The concept and profile of being the human I wanted.

I was trying. Trying to hard. I did put worth, associations and an ego to it.

The nature made me crawl among the steps I have been taken.

I was desperate in need to knowing. 

 As my words ran out I feelt empty on my dust inside. I found the nagging part of it all.

The difficulty was just that I was building from a already known part.

From what I was learned to do.

I dived into the ocean and swiped away the coat that was covering me.

And then on the top of the mountain. My friend looked me deep into my eyes. And there it all was. The reflection of me. I saw everything. His eyes was melting into my bones.

With one breath. Nothing was needed. Nothing languish for. No longing. No losing.

Language for it is just in our knowing.

««—Over it all—»»

Orgasm is the one feeling that can describe it. A heating sensation around every nerve. The cooling and relaxing down drop in the muscles. The air to breathe is golden food for the heart. Climax. Silence. Beyond total satisfaction.

I never left that moment. As the page has been read I know how to get back into it.

Along my spine I know this is growing.

In my souls of my feets I know this is rooting.




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