Mama India

Back to mama India.

Because you where calling me.

Didn’t really expected you to be my next travel. But we meet again. First time we meet was 8 years ago, then once more 6 years ago. Every time you been a hardcore teacher for me. Giving me the breath I need, giving me the lessons and wisdom that I want to teach.

No, I do not fancy that I have to fly that far. Do to the climate.

But sometimes things balance them self as-well.

My trips to india give me tools to even deeper reach out.

What I learn I teach. I am a yoga teacher. Having responsibilities to speak out in a greater language. My work is to reach out to you. Make you connect to yourself. Selfcare, self love, teaching into being humble. Towards your self, to others, to this planet.

The more you become a team with yourself you can start to communicate in other levels. Becoming a team with humanity. Becoming a team with mama earth, nature, animals and in even bigger scales as universe.

My work is for you to feel safe to explore. Explore yourself beyond forms and limits.

My work is for you to feel so much trust that you can let go of what’s controlling you, to let go of the ego and the mind.

The ego that thrives of fear and separations. Of guilt, needs, judgment, hate, uncaring, selfishness, loneliness..

My work is to make you care.

My responsibility is not only for you to do a pose in the best technical way. And to connect breath and body.

It is also for you to feel that you have the space. That I hold the space for you to find the unlimited flow. The flow of life.

To loose control of mind. To drop into the deeper awareness. To lose your self into universe. To fullness and emptiness. 

My responsibility as a yoga teacher is far beyond to teach the sun salutation just as the physical practice. It is for you in breath and heart to understand what you are saluting. What you are practicing and how you take that salutation on going even when you stepped away from the yoga mat.

Why are you practicing yoga? 

I have a dream.

A dream. A goal of United love.

Heartfulness. Let us become the united beat and breath of what we need.

It starts within you.

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