Workshop days in France

A week has past sense I got back to Stockholm from Neffies, France. I have landed back into my physical body but not really yet in my mind. Still catching myself running in the sunset on the fields back there.

Such magic we created!

I got there with no such expectations, just with excitement. Me, Agnes, Thess and Yvonne that never really hanged out before would now spend 8 intense days together and it is always a bit nervous to get to know people and work together for the first time. But after the first night spend together and the first morning I knew that this was going to be just great.

Four so different women,

Thess with her great knowledge about health, eating, cooking and all sorts of recipes.

♥ visit her site here

Agnes with her eye for arts and knowledge about the feeling to catch and create life with pictures.

♥  visit Agnes page here

Yvonne with so much life experience and a heart of gold and warmth building a house of magic.

♥ To read and see more about La Belle Vue, click here

And Me, with yogic mind and spiritual practice.

As the days floated by so easy and fun I observed the energy we created with each other and with the participants of the workshop.

There was no question about it. The wholeness of our workshop, the bond that holds us together was the feeling. The trust of our natural feeling for our passions. As I watched Thess and Agnes make beautiful moments a inhaled it. The Yoga.

The Yoga behind all the physical practice. The yoga, that is a state of mind. That is what created and made the bones of our workshop. The trust to our core, and following our hearts and mission on earth.

After just three days we all said it felt like we known each other a whole life time. As a family, with respect, giving space and love for one another.

So grateful for calling this trip for my work of living. This is what I do. What we do.

And there is no such joy as meeting new people and introduce them for new knowledge, experience and for a deeper look into them self.

The youngest participant was 20 years old and the oldest 75. But that would make no difference as they all meet in a space of acceptance, laughter and tears. And was there so remind each other that we all are beginners at some point in life. So amazing to see how they all opened up more and more during the days. Opened up for them self and the others. Being humans with all sort of imperfections, issues, backgrounds and dreams.

I carry gold in my heart for all of you that was a part of out first workshop on La belle Vue.

And wooooooow, we got so much love back at social media as well. So don’t worry about missing out this time. New Workshop dates are coming up pretty soon, so stay updated.

And guess what, I will also stay at La Belle Vue a long time during the summer for yoga classes!!! So if you wanna enjoy amazing views, tasty food,sleep in a house of beauty and wake up with doing yoga practice with me, come and visit!


















All pictures taken by: Agnes Maltesdotter

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