So I chew like crazy.

My food is my medicin.

Did you know that…

When we chew our food. Our saliva is producing enzymes.

Enzymes that sends signals down to the belly for whats coming. Enzymes that helps the hole metabolism to chew the food down, melt it, make it into energy, put it into nutrition.

Enzymes that helps to get rid of the crap in the food, like chemicals, bad kinds of fat.

So when I chew I make the best of my food.

When we eat ” non processed food” called- Raw food it includes enzymes, a lot of oxygen, a lot of energy and it brings a lot of life into the body.

I try to eat Raw food everyday. But as I believe in balance I try to eat different kinds of food.

I need warm food sometimes, like great Ayurvedic stews or a well cooked soup.

It is a luxury to be able to choose what to eat. It is a luxury to by ecological. It is a luxury to have the time and energy, the money, the access to great food.

If you have that chance. Take it!

If you do it, do it with greatfullness.

Photo: Ida Högberg

Instagram: Idas raw food kitchen

Come join us for lunch!



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