Love to my belly.

Last days has been an adventure.

My focus this week was my stomach.

Deep belly breathing. Also I have been using this trigger balls that you can put on different places on the stomach. Lean on the floor and let them melt into you.

So much tension that releases!!

So much new, different feelings that arrives. And I observed my mind trough all this. First there was a lot of frustration that came up. And then anger. Then the river of tears came falling down.

At first I was holding it back pretending there was nothing to cry about. But as I got aware of my mind going: Don’t show you weakness, you have nothing to cry about. Be strong. Hold it in.

I took a deep breath and let it all out.

There was no sad thought, nothing really to be sad about.

But I accepted the tears.

There is a lot of muscles, nervs and mucous in your stomach that also gets effected by your feelings.

And stress. Stress is a high factor of tensions in the body.

Toxins from food, and bad energy that creates toxins.

Often when I have classes with focus on the stomach. People have a hard time to let the belly out. And often that we are swollen in this area.

There is a heart in your belly to. Really sensible. Pay attention to that.

So after letting my tensions out. I feel so much at ease in my stomach. So much calmer, more focused, harmonized and balanced.

Let the body have moments to catch up. Be one with your mind.

Accept what ever comes up. It is there for a reason.

And not always do you have do explain your tears or feeling. Just embrace whats comes up. Clean it out, relax your belly.

Often this is what you experience in yoga. With connection between Ujjayi breath and movements the body starts detoxing. Starting to create balance.

It is really interesting to observe the mind as you go deeper into one position. Step away from the fear and just breath trough it.

Have trust. It knows what to do.

Feeling my emotion.

I go deeper then the ocean.

It can be hard, cold and scary.

But I can’t do it smoother with lotion.


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