Do it with love.





New areas, new challenges, new thinking, new people, new facing.

True to My mind, true to My body, true to the past, excited over the future.

Stretching out for energy, streching out for peace and love. Streching to reach of every existense.

Trying to spread My wings, trying to fly..hard time..trying to stay up. Surfing of Mother Nature. Trying to feel the wind blowing My direction. Don’t give up, it is all about trying.

Doing My best.. the best to understand, to listen. Doing every thing I can handle and more. Doing My rights to be a women. To be a living part. Doing it easy.

Understanding the power of conversations.. The power of meeting between two souls. Understanding the beauty of silence. Understanding more than words can explain.

Listening to the rhythms of the living hearts. To the beats of the universe. Listening to the very deepest. Listening to the ones that have never been heard. Listening to the waves creating their. own sound.

Clearing out of My soul. Clearing out My backpack of life. The weight of experience. The scars of learning. Clearing out for the goal to fill it up with expensive mindfulness.

Feeling lighter, feling free, feeling loved. Feeling like i could rule the world inside of me.

Staying this way.. This way of being strong, being present and open.In this new life of being. So greatful of being given all this power from around.

With peace in My heart.

Spirit of life, spirit of creating, the spirit of giving birth to moments.

Moments like this.

  • Angelica Rosenstam


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