Yoni Practice



First thing first. To read this text you have to know that YONI is the Tantric word for Vagnina. Isn’t it beautiful?! Just love that word.

And also this text is for you who want to connect and strengthen your lower ab muscles, having lower back problems, understand how to keep your “prana” (life energy), develop your yoga practice and have deeper orgasm.

In my job I come in contact with a lot of different bodies. All kinds of forms and structures, we all look different. And I hear a lot about different kinds of injurys and problems. But one really common one is lower back pain. Especially for women. So listen up Ladies because here I will introduce a new world for you and your Yoni.

Your lower ab muscles and pelvic floor is connected. Have you ever heard about pelvic floor exercises? Do you do them? Your vagina has muscles that needs to workout as well as any other muscle.

So when I wanted to take my yoga practice to the next level I started to work out my Yoni. As my philosophy contains all the Vedas; Ayurveda, Yogaveda and Tantraveda I started my tantric practice. My first thing was to buy a Yoni egg.

Funny story actually, because I was so excited about starting my Yoni practice and I hadn’t read so much instructions really. So first time I used it I went out for a 1 hour walk, forgot that I had the egg inside and went to a 2 hour Ashtanga Yoga class. During the class I feelt the egg inside me and started to feel the lower abs woking really hard.

So imagine you haven’t been to the gym for a while and one day you decide to, and you start lifting too heavy weights and you do it too hard and for too long and the day after you can’t move because of the soreness. Imagine that in your Yoni. So the day after I was going to a lecture and I couldn’t almost move. So much soreness in my lower belly and inside my vagina.

So after that experience I knew how powerful that practice was. But after that I took it really easy. Starting to just have it in while meditating and doing slow, easy pelvic floor exercises. And after a while I increased the practice.

Today I use the egg during my physical yoga classes and during my teachings as well, to connect to my Prana.

So if you have practiced Yoga for a while you probably heard about “Prana”-The life energy. During Yoga we want to work with the Prana and keep it inside of us. That is one reason for breathing in and out through the nose and also why you work with Mula bandha (holding you pelvic floor active and pulling the navel to the spine). This Yoni egg helps you to practice that.

Not only is this a use to connect to your strength during yoga pratice. As you use this egg you also start a new connection to you Yoni and those inner muscles that are stimulated during sex, masturbation and linked to your orgasm. So with this practice you will increase the sensation of your orgasm as well.

My lower back pain is gone, my orgasms much deeper and longer, my lower abs are much stronger, and also as you learn how to connect to this muscles you also learn how to relax them. So I want to share this with you and start bringing awareness to women’s Yoni health. Yoga practice meaning, being aware of your body and connect to your self and that includes all of you inside and outside. Your Vagina as well as head too toes.

Send me an email if you have any questions about how to start your Yoni journey.

To read more about Tantric practice, pelvic floor exercises and to buy these wonderful

Yoni egg visit Lovely Charlena here www.charlenaishani.com

I can really recommend to join a Workshop with Charlene and Maxinne if you want to dig even deeper into your Tantric practice.










All pictures from: Charlena Ishani

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