An essential Jorney with Me and Elin.

Next Saturday 23/3 at Hobo Hotel 12:00-14:00

Knowledge and introduction from Elin about the Doterra oils, then 60 minutes of yoga and after we enjoy brunch together.

Total price: 350 kr/person

Book you spot here–>>

♣If you have any special food directions or allergies please contact me♣


6X6B0282In my everyday life I use the magic of Doterra oils. The purest oils you can find on the market!

I butter them up alla over my body, take a few drops in my mouth, or in my the and you can even use them in you cooking. I use them to calm headache, an upset stomache, to balance my energy and thoughts, I use them in my deodorants, face creams, soaps, hair products and to connect to my inner sensetion. I just want to spread the knowledge about these powerful oils.

Hope to see you next Saturday!

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